Part llThe SAP EDI Interface. Arvind Nagpal is an active leader in the e− Business and B2B integration community Download the SAP IDoc structure. ale, edi & idoc technologies for sap (pdf) by arvind nagpal The purpose of this book is to educate SAP R/3 users, technical and SAP. Download more books. Arvind Nagpal is the author of Ale, EDI, & Idoc Technologies for SAP ( avg rating, 32 ratings, 4 reviews, published ), Ale, Edi, & I Doc Technolo.

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Download Ale, EDI, & Idoc Technologies for SAP. Technologies for SAP Ale, EDI, & Idoc Technologies for SAP Author By: Arvind Nagpal Edition Language for SAP in PDF, site,Epub,or Mobile Reader Format Click Here For Download !!. download ALE, EDI, & IDoc Technologies for SAP, 2nd Edition. (Prima Tech's SAP Book Series) [pdf] by Arvind Nagpal, John Pitlak. Electronic Data Interchange. ALE, EDI and IDoc Technologies for SAP by Arvind Nagpal is a good book for ALE/IDoc(s).

If you are satisfied, then activate the FM by using the activate icon. Give your program a short description and make it an Executable Program and assign it in the Development class you have created for the IDoc. The program logic usually contains the following: - Provide a selection screen to allow a user to specify the various objects for which IDocs are to be generated.

If you are satisfied, then activate the Program by using the activate icon. This settings are required only if you have created or changed Idocs or programs. Click on. Enter name for the message type and give it a short description. Make sure the name is same as the one defined in your FM. Also see the naming convention above. Click save.

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Click on New Entries. Enter data and click save. IDocs are read or written in this process. Check to see if the logical system that you want to send your IDoc to is defined here.

Go to transaction SM59 and see if a remote connection has been defined for the receiving system. Test the connection to see if you are able to connect remotely. A port defines the medium in which the data is exchanged between the two systems. At least one port must exist for each external system. To give you a better idea, here is how IDocs are sent to two subsystems via three ports.

To check the port definition for the receiving system, go to transaction WE In our case it is A Partner Profile has four major components that need to be defined.

Partner information Agent Outbound parameters Inbound parameters Here is a graphical presentation of dependencies and important fields of partner profiles. Usually on an existing Partner Profile, only the message type need to be defined in the outbound or the inbound parameters.

The partner information and agents dont change unless you are creating a new Profile. Here are the steps for adding a message type to an existing partner profile. Click on the Icon for creating new outbound parameter iii.

You have now completed the entire process of creating and configuring a new outbound IDoc.

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Configuring the IDoc in this process is the same as above except for Step 3. Instead of creating a Process code, we have to add the message to the Customer Distribution table. So follow all the same step as above except for creating process code and do this following step after. Distribution model describes the ALE message flow between logical systems.

Follow these step to maintain relationships: i. Go to transaction BD Look for a model view that corresponds to your requirement. If not then click on the create model view button. Enter a short description and technical name. Then click on Add message type.

And the following window will pop up. Make the appropriate entries and click on save. Save the model. Go to Environment on the pull down menus and click on Generate partner profile. Enter the name of the model and click on execute. Note: The 2 snapshots above were taken during the execution of a different model, hence the values of model, message type and logical system are different 3 Transporting the IDoc to the receiving system.

Now you have to transport all the new objects you have created in this system to the receiving system.

Follow the step as above for all this. Remember you may not have to do any configuration if it is already existing, as this is usually a one time process. The only thing different is the Partner Profile configuration. Here you will add your Message type in the inbound parameters. Inbound IDoc Inbound programs are also called Posting programs.

They are designed to read IDoc data and post application documents. To create a new Inbound IDoc you will first need to follow the steps in the general definition above. There are two scenarios when programming for inbound Basic and Advanced.

Each scenario is described in more details below. It involves the following steps: 1.

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The naming Convention to follow is same as outbound. The inbound function module can be called a number of times by the same process, so the global variables will not be empty the second time around. See the example coding below to see how to do this.

Errors will occur in subsequent processing whenever the field is checked for an initial value if DateField is initial To avoid this, clear the date field if the IDoc field is empty, as shown in the example code.

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Remember: the function module should not do a Commit Work. If you have the choice, dont update the database using Call Function xxx In Update Task it is unnecessary for ALE inbound processing, and only increases database load. Maintaining the Attributes of a Function Module This step is to set the characteristics of the function module. Whether it is outbound or inbound. Click on New Entries and make an entry for your FM as individual input. Assigning a Function Module You can specify that the new function module may process the new basic type with a certain message.

In addition, you assign an application object from the Business Object Repository BOR such as employee to the function module, which can transfer the application data from the IDoc to the application object. This step is the ALE registration for the function module. Go to transaction WE57 and click on New Entries.

On the new window enter the following data.

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Assigning a Process Code This enables the function module to be identified from the partner profiles defined in the IDoc Interface when an IDoc of the new message type is received. Enter a process code and description and choose the Processing with ALE and Processing by function module options and save your entries. On the new window that pops up upon saving, enter your Function Module. This step is important for you to link your process code with your Function Module.

Make entries and save. Go back, via the back icon , to maintain the inbound process codes and choose the logical message navigation.

In change mode choose New Entries. Enter the message type logical message and the process code and save your entries. As a result, the value help F4 in the partner profiles can display the possible process codes from the logical message, that is to say, the business view. Defining a Partner Direct Inbound Processing In inbound processing, define the new process code for inbound processing and exception handling for the basic type. Here you will enter the message type in the inbound process in the Logical System that you are receiving the IDoc from.

Make the entries as below and save. This completes your entire process of configuring the Inbound IDoc. The next step is to test your IDoc. Go to transaction SE38 and execute your program in the sending system, ES1 client Enter the SSN number for the employee whose report you want to send, the message type and the targeted logical system. These parameters are what you designed in your program. Some information like the message type and logical system can be hard coded.

At the end of the program you will get the IDoc number corresponding to your request. Now go to transaction SE16 in the receiving system. Check the contents of the tables and see if they have been updated. You can easily and effectively monitor inbound and outbound processing of IDocs using special reports and graphic displays.

Features The following tools are available for passive monitoring: 1 IDoc Display This report generates a list of individual IDocs or, if you have restricted your selection to one IDoc using the available selection criteria, the report displays the relevant IDoc for example, if you select only one IDoc number as a selection criterion.

In addition to the selection criteria, which are also available in the other statistics programs message, partner , you can select the following, more technical parameters: IDoc type basic type or basic type with extension Test option from the partner profiles is the IDoc created and sent for test purposes only?

ALE, EDI & IDoc Technologies for SAP PDF

If the basic IDoc type does not meet your requirements at all, you create a new basic IDoc type from scratch. For example, your customers expect an invoice number and date on an advance shipment notice transaction. You are interfacing with legacy systems using IDocs. If the IDoc is developed from scratch, a whole new custom Caution! Because developing new IDocs is considered a modification and, therefore, is not supported in an upgrade you have to review and test your process again after you upgrade.

Create segments that can be reused by other IDocs.

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Refresh and try again.See the example coding below to see how to do this. An IDoc can have multiple data records, as defined by the IDoc structure. Week number, hours worked, hourly rate Client site, work description This is because an employee can work multiple times in the same client site but the reverse is not true.

This is quite helpful when an error has occurred during the IDoc processing. Consult EDI standards for the appropriate length and data types and ISO codes for fields such as measurement units and currencies.