1 Gu Family Book OST Part 1; 2 Gu Family Book OST Part 2; 3 Gu 4 / Gu Family Book OST Part 4; Artist: Baek Ji Young; Language: Korean. Country: Korea, South; Genre: Pop Soundtrack; Original spelling: 구가의 서; Official site: download "Gu Family Book OST (2CD + DVD) (MBC TV Drama)" at with Baek Ji Young, 4Men,, Kakao M (Loen Entertainment) & popular Korean Music.

Lagu Drama Korea Gu Family Book

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Nice Guy Ost - EP. Various Artists. Doctor Stranger Ost. Various Artists. Fated To Love You (Original Soundtrack), Pt. 1 & Pt. 4 - Single. stream 5 gu family book playlists including Sonar Pocket, dorama, and k-drama music from your desktop or mobile device. My Ultimate KDrama OST Playlist. Gu Family Book OST. Writer: Jo Young Soo / Composers: Jo Young Soo / Other contributors: Fuji Pacific Music Korea. 02 K-Drama Best Song Vol

He demands to know who they are, and Gon points out that the polite thing to do would be to introduce himself first. Their bickering and posturing is hilarious.

Finally Yeo-wool steps in between them and asks Kang-chi if this is the way he treats people who save his life, and he balks—You?

Saved me? She sends a spin-kick flying at his face to prove her point. Cut to: Kang-chi being led by Yeo-wool on a rope, like a dog.

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He gulps. Yeo-wool squirms, and Gon has a silent freakout at Kang-chi hugging her.

Love it. Oh crap. Tae-seo says that every guest at their inn is treated equally, and that is how his father has always run the place. Those are some principled balls of steel ya got there. Lady Yoon avoids her gaze. Back on the road, Kang-chi turns to Yeo-wool and drops the posturing attitude. But she kneels before him to ask for mercy. He looks at Chung-jo with these eyes… Ack. Make it stop. Suddenly someone steps in front of Chung-jo to block his view.

Ohmygah that was the longest flesh crawl ever. What took you so long? He and Tae-seo exchange the cutest smiles and he apologizes for being late. The henchmen all draw their swords around him, and he just stands there, still offering to let them go quietly if they want.

Yeo-wool and Gon watch from the rooftop, and she makes a move to jump into the fight, but Gon holds her back. The henchmen attack, and Kang-chi fights them off unarmed in about three seconds, and turns their own swords back on them. Jo Gwan-woong laughs it up to save face, and declares this place verrrrry interesting. Lord Park returns home in the morning and demands to know where his guards were in this time of need. Head guard Han-no just bows his head, exchanging guilty glances with Lady Yoon.

Punish me! No, punish me!

She makes a point of blaming Kang-chi, which just adds to her hatefulness. She sits Kang-chi down on her own to ask why he came back—did he not take her warning seriously? He says he came because the inn was in danger, but she argues that he did more harm than good last night. You break my heart. As he walks out he sees Chung-jo surrounded by new garments in preparation for her wedding, and sighs wistfully in her direction.

I love that the hitter is just as surprised, and she points out that a guy who can fight off all those attackers should obviously be able to avoid being hit.

She finds him even more curious—so his fighting ability actually changes according to the situation? Lord Park says that Kang-chi is like a son to him, and offers to give him anything else in exchange.

Then how about your daughter? Lord Park takes a moment, and then gets on his knees. Tae-seo protests and Jo Gwan-woong quakes in silent rage. His minion asks why and Jo Gwan-woong says that Lord Park is more beloved by the people than the king—punishing him gets him nowhere. He orders his minion to kill Lord Park quietly, and make it look like Kang-chi is the killer. Thanks for checking out my Gold Sunset Luxury Keyboard.

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Haunting 'Gu Family Book' Soundtrack Adds To The Drama

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Download lagu Ost Gu Family Book mp3, video mp4

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But the words trigger a memory for Yeo-wool, and she has a momentary flashback to being attacked by a scary dog as a little girl, when a boy had jumped out and said those same words. Suddenly someone steps in front of Chung-jo to block his view.