The Assistant by Bernard Malamud; 30 editions; First published in ; Subjects : Accessible book, Criminals, Fiction, Grocers, Italian. Bernard Malamud?s second novel, originally published in , is the story of Morris Bober, a grocer in postwar Brooklyn, who?wants better?. The Assistant, Bernard Malamud's second novel, originally published in , is the story of Morris Bober, a grocer in postwar Brooklyn, who "wants better" for.

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The Assistant () is Bernard Malamud's second novel. Set in a working-class neighborhood . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Study Questions on Bernard Malamud's The Assistant () 1. How is the quality of Morrris Bober's life epitomized in the opening scene (pp. )? What. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. This new specialty-interest audio publisher is The Assistant: A Novel (FSG Classics) - site edition by Bernard Malamud, Jonathan Rosen. The Assistant, Bernard Malamud's second novel, originally published in , is the story of Morris Bober, a grocer in postwar Brooklyn.

It was his first novel, which may explain the omission of the theme of the struggles and pain of Jewish Americans that characterized the author's subsequent work. As the child of poor immigrants living in New York during the Great Depression, Malamud endured a difficult childhood, but he found great solace in films, which prompted him to begin writing his own stories.

His writing drew heavily from his own life, including his novel The Assistant , which tells the story of a Jewish grocery store owner in New York—the same job his father held during Malamud's childhood.

The assistant

Finally, his novel The Tenants provides a meta-discussion of Malamud's own creative struggles as a writer. In addition to the Pulitzer Prize, his works have won an O. At the time he started writing, Malamud also began studying Jewish tradition.


Although Malamud became agnostic as an adult, he continued to revere Jewish tradition as a part of his personal identity. His interest in religious history and tradition influenced Malamud's style of blending fantasy and reality in novels, displayed in The Natural through Roy's dreams, visions, and hallucinations. The Natural, like many of Malamud's other works, also makes references to mythological stories, which Malamud found particularly inspiring.

Many of Malamud's characters struggle through periods of growth—or in Roy Hobbs's case, lack of growth—to earn a better understanding of their places in the world. A prominent theme in Malamud's work is the struggle to find redemption through suffering, an ideal verbalized by Iris Lemon in The Natural when she says, "Suffering is what brings us toward happiness.

That novel has finally been written," although the Times and others acknowledged that Malamud was perhaps a strange writer to tackle the subject. Although he "does not come from the ranks of baseball reporters," the paper reported, "at least he hails from Brooklyn and there are those who feel that qualifies him ex officio.

What kind of values does the saint exemplify for Frank?

Why is Frank so melancholy? Why is Frank so drawn to Morris?

For his part, why is Morris so tolerant of Frank? What do the two men have in common?

Bernard Malamud

What is her attitude toward her father? To what extent is she influenced by Ida, her mother? Why is she so aloof toward Frank at first? What causes her to soften toward him later?

What is lacking in him that makes him unable to emulate his ideal? Francis as it is described on p.

We are told repeatedly that Frank, consumed by guilt, longs to confess and yet cannot bring himself to do it. In fact, he continually performs acts e. Why does Frank have so much trouble purging his guilt? The passage concluding the fourth chapter pp. What is it that interferes with his perception of her? Why or why not?

What does Morris know that Frank does not yet know? What is the role of suffering in acquiring such knowledge? Does the novel suggest that such knowledge is necessary before one can, in any meaningful sense, live?

How does this conversation affect Frank in his relationship with Helen? What are the immediate consequences of the firing?

In the scene in the park pp. This question is more complicated than it may at first seem, and more important as well.

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Before the seventeenth century, the shadchen was a highly respected person, responsible for the perpetuation of the Jewish people through arranged marriages.

He requires a bride not because he is in love, but because he is about to be ordained as a rabbi and believes that he will find a congregation more readily if he is married.

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