Five Point Someone What not to do at IIT Chetan Bhagat is the author of two blockbuster novels five-point-someone-by-chetan-bhagat. Pages·· Five Point Someone: Chapter 2 . I guess for someone she called a loafer, she had pretty high expectations. He also arranged the course books and. Chetan Bhagat is the author of two blockbuster novels – Five Point Someone ( ) and One Night @. The Call This e-book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold .. So, see the world around you and it is full .. access up to 5 PDF/TXT eBooks per month each month).

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Free download of Five Point Someone by CB. Available in PDF, ePub and site . Read, write reviews and more. Page http:// Page Five Point Someone: Chapter 2. Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat FULL BOOK - Download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online. Five Poine Someone by Chetan Bhagat Five.

Intelligently penned, fluent story-line and a captivating simpleton thought process. This marked the beginning of the IIT inspired love pages circulating all around the country. Some good, some poor. But this one - was a remarkable debut! Ushered Read this.

Ushered in an era where this kind of fiction was dearth and lack luster.

The movie that followed just lit up for a tremendous script recipe. Although, if you try the same thing over and over again - it becomes damp, almost tasteless. That is what happened with the following books honestly. What happens in this circuit is that you download a book for a negotiable price and return it later at any date and time and get half the price back for it.

I normally download these books and retain them with me because they are some pretty awesome downloads for the price I pay for them. So, I was pretty exci 0. So, I was pretty excited to read this book - it was touted to be the author's best and about IIT and my dad's from IIT so I thought that I'd get to peek into what his life would've been like since he only talks about the fun parts and skips those about study pressure, student life, etc.

This wasn't my first Chetan Bhagat novel, so I didn't have great expectations on the language front. What just happened was this though: Five Point Someone, dismally, had no language, no story and no characterisation whatsoever. Dear Mr. Bhagat, if you think that you can sell books by banking on the IIT brand name, then this novel proves you vehemently wrong and delusional. But Alok said mugging is pricing one pays to get the IIT tag.

We mug we pass and we get job. But Ryan is not satisfied with Alok he anger on Alok and talk with him very rudely and call Alok stupid but Ryan is good by heart and care both of them. He asks to Hari you continuously study and sit Page 9.

Five Point Someone and to go outside you gain lot of fat in your stomach. He said to Hari let go for a morning walk and loose ten KG.

First Hari didnt like it when Ryan said it but later on he realizes that Ryan was right. And he ready to go for a walk. They also told to Alok join them but as usual he wants to concentrate on study but this time he speaks very rudely with them.

When early morning Ryan said to Hari jog around the campus, around four kilometer but Hari refuse but later on he go but in this time he felt drowsy and pitiful at the same time. But Ryan enthused just try it once. Hari want to be cheat and cut corners but he want to give a chance to Ryan at once. But Hari feel very tired and he stopped huffing and puffing and sat down bump at the knees. When he sat down a red maruti car stopped and Hari was afraid and stumbling he continued panting and thought that maruti car was culprit.

A female voice announced I m so sorry she is Neha. Professor Cherian daughter and try to learn the drive. She felt sorry again and again. She took the lift to Hari and drops him in the hostel. When they are in car they gave basic interview to each other. And Hari about it to know that she was professor Cherian daughter who is the head of department teacher.

But in car Hari like Neha barefoot a lot he saw continuously on her foot Page Five Point Someone While she shifting the gear he feel sensing anxiety. And to talk with each other he came near the hostel. And that time Neha invite Hari for a treat of morning tea with snacks. At front of deer park outside from campus at the morning walk. Now they reach in hostel and she drop him and went from there Ryan saw the Hari when he went down from the car and he gave punishment to him and ask him to do push-up and pull-down.

And the Alok and Ryan both of them demanded full explanation. But Alok tell ask to Hari stay away from her, given she was a profs offspring. Little bit of time ago and Hari was dying to meet her again. And he bumped into her and could feast silly at the sight of those two bare naked feet. Now the middle of the first term is came and Ryan parents send him money and he bought new scooter and when they take it in the hostel everyone want be ride on it. But only three of them going outside to ride on it.

When few days are gone Alok got a call from home his father is serious and she want someone to take him to hospital. Ryan offered his scooter but Alok dont how to drive it so Ryan decide to go with him and Hari didnt want to be get alone and he also go with them. First time they seen Alok house it is has the barest minimum Page Five Point Someone one would need existence.

And Hari hired an auto and Ryan and Alok lifted his father into it. And went hospital they reached hospital at 3am. And next day he has a physics test but because of last time he couldnt prepare it. This test broke Alok little bit. As usual Ryan and his arguments about system now he was started again.

And how it possible if Ryan asked something for system and Alok didnt give his views and they fight again. Or made any technical contribution to India? But in this Alok also have a point they said they contribute in making engineer.

And for this argument Hari fed up of this and he tell to them go for food. But there Ryan and Alok argument again and again. And Alok finish his argument only few lines that is I dont know anything about system its good or bad for us but it gets me work thats all I care.

And he asked lets go out for this weekend and they go for movie, lunch, and also check out some girls.

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat FULL BOOK

And they go first they watched the picture as ordinary film like love story and which is full of action, emotion, and Page Five Point Someone tragedy.

After that he caught lunch and they are very happy to eat this yummy food. In between meal Ryan again started about mugging. And he said lets enjoy the life of college because these days never come again now Ryan continuous arguing again and again.

In this I know that Ryan didnt love his parent because they leave him in hostel when he is only six year old Oh man! And Ryan suggested to guys lets draw a line about study how many time they should study now they decided to study only two to three hours. And they try it for first semester. Meanwhile Hari saw Neha at campus bookstore, and he raises his hand to say her hello but she totally ignores him.

And he feels that he was a regular sexoffender. And when he came out of the shop Neha tapped his shoulder and say hi now Hari ask very slowly is that Neha. But Neha have a reason why she not to say hello in bookstore, because shopkeeper know his dad for the last ten year and they talk regularly, and her father is so strict about boys. And Neha offer him ice-cream and tell him to meet in ice-cream parlor. In Page Five Point Someone parlor they talk as simple way like now why you cant come on walking, you are driving now or not.

But Hari feel little bit jealous when he saw the name of samir in Neha license. And he couldnt stop our heart to know about sameer and finally he asked the Neha that Samir isnt tat a guys name? And he surprise to know that now her brother was no more and he was died with a freak accident. He was crossing the line and got hit by a train. Hari feel very bad to talk the topic of her brother. But after few minutes Neha cheerfully asked life goes on.

And they again talk about regular routine. Neha jumped from her seat and said leys go it is very late.

And when they was ready to go Neha asked to Hari with safely side she asked arent you going to ask me out or what? And now he got a chance to meet her again and he say yes and they decided to meet again in this parlor. And when they decided it Hari feel very shy and Neha noticed that and told him that and next time, Page And they leave from the parlor.

They draw a line for study now everybody follows it. They study for three hours and now they have a time for playing games and go out for a evening walk. Ryan went them in a squash court he is captain of squash game in school time but Hari and Alok didnt know about this game and they feel amberence when they didnt hit the shot.

And this time Hari argue with Ryan about game. At the end they drop the idea to play the squash now at evening they play chess or go out for a riding on Ryans scooter and caught movie and visited every tourist destination, did everything, went everywhere.

But when exam was near Alok afraid little bit and he suggest lets concentrate on study and drop the idea of study only for three hours. And they bet with each other whose country go to be win at the end America was won the fight. At the end the exams near and he drop the Page Five Point Someone three hour rule. Now they realize if they study thirty hours a day it is not enough for them.

And finally the exam started and first day there have a practical and this is the only exam Ryan love most but Hari panic when he thought about viva his body going to be freeze. And they are in same group. And Ryan make a radio for major but Hari and Alok didnt satisfied with this and want to make a new thing but Ryan managed it.

Now the professor come here and put question about the circuits. Yes it is viva. But Ryan and Alok gave the answer confidently but when professor put the question to Hari he panic this part Hari most hate it.

And the next day the theory paper will start and everyone study in hostel, lights remain on in rooms until dawn and the students consumed endless cups of tea in the all night mess.

And day after day exam was gone and they feel that the worst was over through. And they wait the result and then the classes was started but no one join the class until the result will come.

And after exam Hari met Neha. When they meet Neha angry on Hari because Hari call Nehas home without take any permission from her. And now they decided to meet 11th of every month because on that day Nehas parents are going on temple near by track where her Page Five Point Someone brother was died first she also go with them but she was depressed when she go there so doctor told her not to go there and thats why this is the safe date to meet with Hari in parlor.

But Hari feel that he fixed a dental appointment on every month. But slowly-slowly she felt love with Neha and he is happy with Neha decision. And then they talk casually about majors and Hari like when Neha touch his arm in between talk. And he want to kiss on her face he got a chance when he bring out the wallet from his pocket he is very close to Neha even he also catching her breathe but he off the wallet and sat down casually again.

But Neha realized that Hari want be kiss her and she asked but she end her talk to say never mind and they went off from parlor.

Five Point Someone

Oh now the result day was came where Hari and Alok are shivering to thought of results but Ryan feel very relax and he not to worry about results.

They reach at college where huge crowd are gathered to see the grades. Where topper would be close to 10, average was close to 6, and the Hari, Ryan, Alok got 5 point something which are closer to bottom.

But Alok was not satisfied with his score are recalculated on calculated hope to miracle will be happen but all know no miracle is happen in IIT.

But Ryan and Hari are satisfied and Ryan feel cool and he Page Five Point Someone also want be celebrate their marks but Alok spluttered and he also gave abuse F to Ryan the Ryan big smile now has gone from his face. Now he was in fighting mood. They fight argue and abusing to each other it is just for a marks. And Alok decided to leave the room and go in venkat room who is the highest scorer in class. Hari stopped him not to do like that but Alok abusing again and again and tell to Ryan that the all fault is only of Ryan he want only fun not to realize anyones problem and he started crying like a baby.

When he abusing again and again even Ryan cant stop him and let him to go.

Now the group of them was split. And then Hari meet Neha again and tell her to story about grades and argument between Ryan and Hari. And first time he kiss on Hari cheek and said I like five pointers.

And told to him lets go for a movie and Hari was so excited to go with her. And they decided to go with next meeting and Hari always thought about five kisses with Neha give to him.

It was nice to Hari he gave space in his novel to Hari for express his feelings and it realize why he is so conscious about study. He belong to poor family first he was not like yet but after father accident and his father caught a paralyzed then there his only income source is his mother. And then he Page Five Point Someone realizes that to do something for parents because his parents sacrifice for children most.

Thats why he always argue with Ryan for the system. In it he told that Ryan is good person because when her mother for help to took his father at hospital he took his scooty and went to Alok home and stayed with them till 3a.

Alok and Ryan now find an insti roof it is above of nine buildings and they go there twice a week now they started sucking of cigarette vodka and all thing. Neha and Hari meet in theatres. The first seen on the theatre was so embarrassing.

It was a documentary film on family planning and the saw the whole process how to control on family Hari feel embarrass but Neha feel cool after that the movie will start and after movie they go for a meal. I their Hari tried to kiss Nehas lips but now time Neha feel so irritated and pulled her back and small argument was held on there. After meal they decided to meet cannaught place for download a gift for friend. At night Hari and Ryan was come from the mess Page Five Point Someone and in coridoor they listening the arguments was come from the vankat room and Ryan listen them.

The argument was about Aloks father. He was not well and her mother want somebody to take him hospital. Alok pleased to vankat to go with him but he refused. Ryan open the door with his feet and said to Alok lets go that is nice to Ryan he forget everything held on last year.

But Alok feel embarrassed because ho left him just because of marks and when they come back hostel Alok said to them that I want to come back on your group and they all sentimental fool hugged each other and love together.

Ryan held a party on his room he change his room light into red. They also have vodka , lime juice and some kind of drinks they called it mice party and when the half night go Ryan put the questions to everyone what you want from life and his stupid lecture about the system after that he was totally passed out because of vodka when he drop into the bed he said about the C2D theory he call it Cooperate to Dominate and pass out.

Next day Hari was going to meet Neha with a gift but he have no idea what he will give to her. The Ryan suggests to make a lipstick box and write a name on it and they make it Page Five Point Someone within three hours Neha also like it.

Hari told her about the insti roof first Neha afraid and then she agree to come on insti roof at 8: C2D plain the Ryan theory about what to do or not he wrote down many of things like one would take the lecture and make the not an other were copy it. Divide the course responsibilities share lab.

Experiments and combine the hostel room. I think he is mad as he said to them if they are agree sign this paper with there blood. Well they all fool sign it with their blood. A per plan Neha come on insti roof they talk and drink some Vodka. When they going to kiss each other Ryan has come there and spoil everything.

He gave warm welcome to Neha and said everything about past date when Neha and Hari meet. When he talk about past as per nature of Ryan he argument with Neha also then Hari handle the situation and drop the Neha at home.

Five Point Someone

C2D is working now they have lot f time bout films, lunch, scotter drives, cricket etc. But one day Ryan gave answer in front of professor Vohra. Ryan is so stupid he gave the idea of lubricants in design class. There are small fighting between professor and Ryan and finally professor tell to Ryan leave the class.

But professor Veera understood it he gave the project to Ryan about lubricants and tell him Page Five Point Someone to that he will take the permission of head department to use the lab things and finally Ryan is studied day and night even now he cant go for movie or not to do any thing but only study and do experiments.

Even he cant go with Hari in Aloks home for food. Hari go there only for food and he enjoy the food. But in between the lunch Alok throw his plate on floor because his mother was crying about daily routine and the solution of this is only more money. Now Hari face big problem they have no money and at December there is Neha;s birthday and Ryan gave him a cheap idea that they will go to Nehas home and entered the Nehas home through windows and everyone agree they go there.

They climb up through pipe and reach Nehas room. Neha was surprised to see him in a room. He gave the flowers which Ryan plucks it in Nehas garden. At midnight they all of them was going from there but when they getting down Aloks feet touch the bucket and bucket fell noisily as Alok crawled through the grass loud enough to make all our whispers pointless and professor Cherian notice it and open the door with voice Who is it?

And they all ran fastly as they and when they ran away Ryan yelled Yours Father as answer of professor Cherian. Page In there Neha wrote a letter to his brother Samir. Who is no more? She told him about Hari and his friend.

First Neha and his brother hate IIT students and also Neha but she little bit hate She tell everything to her Ryan because when she meet brother in this letter about date, birthday everything Hari he always talking about Ryan.

There is a secreate in between Neha and samir. At last movement he wrote a letter to Neha which Neha never v told anybody and broke her more. Taking exam and dating with Neha one more year left. Now vodka is no longer a novelty. Ryan assignment was rejected by head of department. Hari was scared of vivas and Alok is also think about life.

They al wasnt be happy in this time. Now professor Cherian taught them and he couldnt be miss his class and he pretended to be good student and gave good impression on Cherian because of Neha. But as usual Ryan not interested and he follow C2D plan. As well the meeting with Neha is also going on. Now they go to walk date. Walk wit each other they reach a village Katwaria temple near the track of railway station.

This is the place where Nehas brother was dead. They sat on it and kissed to each other. Then Neha remember Page Five Point Someone that day when her broter was dead. She began to cry. Hari want to be make a smile on Neha face. He saw some little bit naked children look them as they were watching a film. And Hari got a point he tell see in middle there is an Rveena Tondon three year old and Neha started to laugh.

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And then they came back to campus and adopted separate path. By seeing almost two year go and there is most of thing happening there. Now the fourth major was come as usual Hari was afraid of viva and Ryan suggested idea to take a vodka lil bit that he would speak out frequently in front of cheriaan and take good impression for Neha. But it happening opposite he panic again and cant speak a word in front of Cherian either Cherian smell his vodka and tell him to leave the class as per he take 0 marks.

Ryan feel very ashamed of himself even he cant go there for viva. Actually he didnt like professor Cherian and shouldnt wants to attend his class. In between Alok got a phone from home that his sister gets angaged. Night in the mess they are talking about majors and Ryan told them to steal the paper from Cherian office for Hari that he got the good marks in majors and impress the Cherian. As per Ryan say they talking about the plan next day.


Alok are afraid from it but finally they agree to do it. Five Point Someone They call the plan operation pendulum. First Ryan suggested that Cherian office is on 6th floor and we reach in insti roof and hanging up with rope and reach through wall in Cherian office and steal the paper. But Hari feel that is risky so he suggested that w4e go through the door. And he steals the keys from Nehas car.

They could do that and they blithely cheered in unison,operation pendulum. They always think about operation pendulum and they want to get keys that are why Hari want to meet Neha.

But when he calls her he found that she caught a pain in her foot and she cant be move. But she calls him at home on that day it was 11 and her parent was not there. He went there she took him in her room they talk to each other in that Neha open the secreat of her brother death.

He is died only because of father. Her father want to be he took the admission in IIT but he is fail to do that and he fell ashamed of himself so he wrote a letter to her sister and tell her to say that I m going for a jogging. And she began to cry but in that Hari and Neha make a physical relation.

After that he go for a cigarette in Nehas car and he also successful to make a duplicate keys. When he came back to home professor Cherian front of him in on bicycle.

Five Point Someone Professor Cherian caught him. Haris body going to be freeze he have no guts to move inch step. When professor told him that it is my car than he gave the reason that Nehas car tyre was flat and he just want a help to her. Then they go home where Neha open a door with only bed sheet on her body.

Hari speak frequently there is your car madam. I was repair the flat tyre.

But when he can go professor Cherian caught him from coller. And told him to stay away from my daughter. When he came back to hostel he told his story to both of them and they laugh on him. At that time Alok got a call from home that boy rejected the angagement and his father was shocked and cant eat anything.

Then they feel happy because they have a keys and they plan to get on the roof at 10 and do the operation pendulum. Now they work on operation pendulum first they check out all security guards where they was and then they all going on sixth floor in cherrian office. When they open the door they divided shelves for save time and finally Alok got the paper and Ryan open it carefully.

He calls the guards and go to professor room. Five Point Someone and explain itself but guard cant listen anything and lock them in the office and go to call the professor. Now all professors are in Cherian office. They slap them and told him to meet the conference room for the Disciplinary Committee.

They called it Disco. First professor Cherian thought he calls the police to catch them in the jail but professor Veera stopped him for the college reputation. Then they decide to meet them in the conference room. Next day the notice board has the latest news and the crowd gathering around it and everyone know three of them. They go ice cream parlor to hide him. In there they thought what the professor do with them and this time Hari is also crying.Cant she just get on with it? But what to do?

This marked the beginning of the IIT inspired love pages circulating all around the country. Do all parents love their kids? But I felt.